Greg Donahue

Senior Data Analyst (Computational Biologist)

Joanne Dougherty

Program Coordinator

Tierney Gannon

Research Specialist

Charly Good, Ph.D.

Senior Research Investigator

Connor Hogan

Lab Manager

Hua Huang


Alumni Medical Fellow

NameTime In LabCurrent Position
Brian Capell2012 - 2017Instructor, Department of Dermatology; Assistant Professor of Dermatology, PSOM
Samantha Schon2014 - 2016Clinical Instructor, University of Michigan, MI

Alumni Postdoctoral Fellow

NameTime In LabCurrent Position
Sadaf Amin2018 - 2020Postdoctoral Researcher in Dr. Li Gan's Lab at Weill Cornell Medicine
Nick Barlev1994 - 1998Associate Professor, University of Leicester, UK
David Bernstein2021 - 2022Unknown
Daniel Bose2011 - 2016Assistant Professor, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
David Bungard2005 - 2013Secondary Education Science Instruction, Philadelphia, PA.
Reyes Candau1993 - 1996Director of Research and Development, Edge Biosystems, MA.
Tanya Corman2017 - 2021Scientist at Johnson and Johnson
Weiwei Dang2006 - 2013Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX.
Zhixun Dou2012 - 2018Member of the Faculty at MGH and Harvard Medical School
Laura Duggan1996 - 2002Senior Scientist, Dade Behring. Delaware
Gabor Egervari, M.D., Ph.D.2018-2023Associate Professor, University of Washington St. Louis
Paula Agudelo Garcia, Ph.D.2018 - 2022Postdoctoral Researcher at Ohio State University
Karl Glastad, Ph.D.20xx - 2023University of Rochester, New York
Jerome Govin2007 - 2011Assistant Professor, INSERM, Grenoble, France
Karl Henry2004 - 2008Assistant Professor, Drexel University, PA.
Jing Huang2004 - 2007Senior Investigator at NIH NCI/CCR
Balint Kacsoh, Ph.D.2019 - 2022Unknown
Thanuja Krishnamoorthy2001 - 2004GE Healthcare, Hyderabad, India
Wan-Sheng Lo1998 - 2002Assistant Professor, Academica Sineca, Taiwan.
Lacey Luense, Ph.D.2013 - 2022Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Science, Texas A&M University
Dafna Nathans2002 - 2005Head, Department of Chemical Engineering, Hadassah College, Jerusalem
Raffaella Nativio2011 - 2020Principal Investigator at Imperial College London
Brandon Placek2004 - 2013Research Assistant Professor, Idaho State University
Lyndi Rice2005 - 2007Upenn, Gene Therapy Program, Director Analytics
Morgan A Sammons2010 - 2016Assistant Professor, University of Albany, NY
Marc Schwartz1999 - 2003Research Scientist, Neose Technologies, NJ
Payel Sen2011 - 2018Stadtman-Tenure-Track Investigator at the NIA
Parisha Shah2008 - 2016Senior Research Scientist at PSOM (Rajan Jain)
Vanya Shah1999 - 2001Senior Scientist, Ranbaxy Pharmaceutical, India
Daniel F. Simola2010 - 2015Investigator, GlaxoSmithKline
David Sterner1996 - 2004Research Scientist, Life Sensors, PA
Dimitra Tsavachidou1999 - 2000Instructor, Department of Oncology, MD Anderson, Houston, TX
Catherine Vrentas2010 - 2010Associate Research Scientist, Immunoassay R & D, University of Wisconsin
Lu Wang, Ph.D.2017-2023Associate Professor, Sam and Ann Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies
Chaoyang Ye2007 - 2012Research Scientist, Seattle, WA.
Valerie Zediak2008 - 2011Senior Medical Writer at Envision Pharma Group
Pingyao Zeng2001 - 2005Research Assoc Prof, Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, China.
Zhen Zhang, Ph.D.2017- 2023

Alumni Graduate Students

NameTime In LabCurrent Position
Rimma Belotserkovskya1997 - 2000Staff Scientist, Cambridge University, UK (Steve Jackson)
Jessica M. Bryant2008 - 2014Postdoctoral researcher, Institut Pasteur, France (Arthur Sherf)
Christopher R. Edwards2005 - 2011Postdoctoral researcher, Upenn (Gerd Blobel)
N.C. Tolga Emre2000 - 2005Assistant Professor, Bigazici University, Turkey
Riley Graham2012 - 2018Scientist I, Process Development at Genewiz
Kristin Ingvarsdottir2002 - 2007Postdoctoral researcher, UPenn (Roberto Bonasio)
Linyang Ju20xx - 2023Innovation Fellow at Novartis
Sierra Collins2016 - 2023Scientist at ShapeTx
Mariel Mendoza2018 - 2022Senior Scientist in Protein Bioanalysis at Merck
Phillip Mews2009 - 2016Postdoctoral researcher, Mount Sinai, NY (Eric Nestler)
Enrique Lin Shiao2014 - 2019Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Berkeley, CA (Jennifer Doudna)
Anastasia M Wyce2001 - 2007Principal Investigator, GlaxoSmithKline
Caiyue Xu2014 - 2019Life Sciences Specialist at L.E.K. Consulting, Boston, MA
Daniel Xu20XX - 2023MD/PhD University of Pennsylvania
Jiajun Zhu2010 - 2016Postdoctoral researcher, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY (Craig Thompson)

Alumni Undergraduates

NameTime In LabCurrent Position
Brianna AguilarUndergraduate Student Worker
K.M. Ahasan Al Tanim2016 - 2018Graduate Student at Emory University
Falande Alexandre2021 - 2021Undergraduate at City University of New York, Hunter College
Nicholas BiddleUndergraduate Student Worker
Kanad Ghosh2015 - 2017Medical Student at Stony Brook Medical School, NY
Marisol Hooks2021 - 2022Penn Graduate Student
Serena Jankovic2019 - 2021Graduated Penn, Class of 2022
Erik Kerkhoven2014 - 2017Software Engineer at Amazon
Richard Rangel2016 - 2018Research Assistant at the Hospital of Special Surgery, NY
Eliza Roessler2017 - 2020Undergraduate Student Worker, Bonasio Lab
Julian M. Roessler2015 - 2018Graduate Student at MIT
Nicholas Yang2018 - 2019Analyst at Roivant Sciences

High School Students

NameTime In LabCurrent Position
Katie Cappola2019 - 2019Undergraduate Student at Princeton University
Giovanna Cruet2017 - 2020Undergraduate Student at Nova Southeastern University

Alumni Staff

NameTime In LabCurrent Position
Cristina M. Brady2012 - 2020Research Specialist at Penn
Sophia Castro-Anderson2013-2023Business Support Coordinator at Astra Zeneca
Catherine Li2016 - 2022Aro Biotherapeutics
Joan Lim2018 - 2020Tech Future Leader for Joint Venture Business Intelligence at GlaxoSmithKline
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